It is officially Spring! Never too early to think about window cleaning. Check out these window cleaning demonstration videos conducted on February 25, 2020 below. The demonstration features Unger’s Innovative HydroPower Ultra System (Outdoor) and Stingray System (Indoor).

Our Territory Manager was with a Building Service Contractor (BSC) who was turning down thousands of dollars of glass cleaning work due to not having productive and safe tools to complete it.  The BSC was impressed with the HydroPower Ultra because of the speed and ease of use. No ladders, scissor lifts, electricity, batteries or chemicals required to do outdoor window cleaning up to 55’.

Video of  Mike Kuhlman doing the crab walk technique. This will rinse the window spot and streak free even on colder Spring days.

For inside window cleaning, high and hard to reach areas present a problem. The Stingray is a tool that extends up to 10’. When adding a person’s height and reach, you can provide cleaner and launderable microfiber to glass surfaces up to 18’ in the air. Again, all from the safety of the ground. When using tools like strip washers and squeegees it can create a mess indoors.

Mike Kuhlman doing a Stingray demonstration. Four second of glass cleaner in the middle and frame it.

The BSC was so impressed that he paid overnight shipping to get his new HydroPower Ultra System and Stingray System as fast as possible. He could not wait to start making money with these tools and was going to discuss spring window cleaning with all of his clients.

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