San Jamar – Smart. Safe. Sanitary

We represent San Jamar an international supplier of food safety tools as well as smart disposable dispensers in food service and washroom environments.

Washroom & Hygiene Solutions

Sanitary washrooms environment starts with clean, contemporary dispensing solutions. San Jamar offers innovative ways to provide worry-free dispensing crafted with high quality materials that improve hygiene, cut cost and enhance overall image.

Towel Dispensers

Touch Roll Towel

Lowest cost way to dispense the lowest cost paper, hardwound roll towel

Engineered for ease of use and minimal maintenance.

No-Touch Roll Towel

Touchless towel dispenser offer the best option for sanitary hygiene.

Dispensing all types of 8″ roll towel paper up to 800″- any brand or quality.

Folded Towel

Designed to dispense any brand of quality of C-Fold or Multifold towels one-at-a-time, reducing waste.

Designed to eliminate overstuffing.

Napkin Dispensers

Counter Wall-Mount Napkin

Dispenser saves room on your counter top and ideal where space is limited.

In-Counter Napkin

Dispensers mount directly into he counter to save valuable counter space.

Tabletop Napkin

Provides a one-at-a-time dispensing to reduce napkin waste by 30%.

Tissue Dispensers

Standard Bath Tissue:

This dispenser offers a professional looking solution for dispensing both standard or industrial bath tissue.

Jumbo Bath Tissue:

This dispenser offers industry leading high capacity dispensing for 9-12″ rolls of tissues.

Summit Family of Dispensers  – Is Growing!

The Summit Series is available in the dispensing options above. The looks it comes in are Black/Stainless, Stainless, White or Custom.

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