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We represent Berry Plastics a broad product line of can liners, infectious waste hospital bags, and food bags.

How to Choose the Right Can Liner?

Step 1 – What type of can liner do I need?

It’s important to know how your linear will be used, then its easy to match your liner to the intended application. Pick the brand below that best fits your waste containment needs.

I need a dependable liner for heavy/wet trash

Resin: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


Superior film strength

Convenient coreless rolls

I need a heavy duty liner that can handle sharp objects

Resin: Super Hexene (HAO LLDPE Blend)


Superior puncture and tear resistance

Star bottom seal prevents leaks and odors

I need a liner with versatility to handle heavy loads

Resin: Blended Recycled and LLDPE

Big City®

Handles sharp, heavy and irregular waste

Excellent environmental choice

I need a heavy liner made with reprocessed resin

Resin: Recycled (Blended LLDPE)


Cost-effective everyday performance

“Green” friendly – made from primarily recycled material

I need a liner that can be used for food and organic waste

100% Compostable


Supports sustainability

Meets ASTM D6400 Composting Standards

I need a liner that has strength and flexibility

Resin: Specialty Blended


Use when you need the strength of a high-density bag and the flexibility (stretch)
of a linear bag.

Step 2 – Select liner gauge

Choose lower gauges for lighter loads like paper and general refuse and higher gauges for heavy and extra heavy loads.

Step 3 – Determine the correct size

Berry offers a wide variety of can liners for every type of trash. The can liner container cross reference guide makes it easy to choose the correct liner size. Download the Container Reference Guide below.

Berry Global – Container Reference Guide – April 2018

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